Whitelisting your Withdrawal Address
‘Whitelisting’ your approved withdrawal addresses improves security, as it prevents your funds from being withdrawn to accounts not on your specified whitelist.
To whitelist an address, complete the following steps:
Step 1: Under “Wallet & Order”, select “Account Security” in the dashboard. This can also be found on the left side panel. You can find the whitelist button next to "Address Management".
al Address
Step 2: Slide the toggle to the right to turn on. A box will appear confirming whether you want to whitelist the withdrawal address. Click “Turn on”.
Step 3: Complete the security verification by entering your email verification code and 2FA.
Step 4: Click “Manage” next to the whitelist toggle.
Step 5: Click “Add Address”.
Step 6: Select your Cryptocurrency, Network, Address, and Wallet Label. Your Wallet Label allows you to assign a name to the deposit address you are whitelisting. Click the “Add to Whitelist” button and click "Submit".
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