How to Trade on CoinFLEX.US
Once you deposit funds, you are ready to start trading on CoinFLEX.US.
Example: Buy 0.001 BTC
1. Make sure you have enough assets for the trade you want to make. In this case, the account has $1,000,000 flexUSD.
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2. Go to the trading page by selecting ‘Trade’ on the dashboard. It will direct you to the trading interface.
3. Specify the order size and order price.
Currently we support ‘Limit’, ‘Market’, and ‘Stop Limit’ orders.
  • A ‘Market’ order executes at the current available market price
  • A ‘Stop Limit’ order is a ‘Limit’ order with a trigger price. When the market price hits your trigger price, a limit order is placed.
A limit order involves a price specified by the end user, and the trade is immediately executed at the given price or better (this is known as a taker order, as it is taking liquidity off the orderbook) unless available liquidity is insufficient, in which case some or none of the order will be filled.
Limit orders are generally used to place open orders into the book.
In this Example of a Limit Order, we are buying 0.001 BTC at $41,573.4, essentially taking an order which is already in the market, as shown in the order book on the left of the screenshot. In the trade ticket, the top field labelled ‘USD’ is where the desired order price is entered, the field labelled ‘BTC’ is where trade size/quantity of BTC is entered, and the ‘USD’ field below (optional) is only used if we want to specify the size of the trade in USD instead of BTC. If we input a value into the lower USD field, the platform will convert said value to BTC and populate the BTC field automatically. Inversely, if you populate the BTC field, the system will auto-populate the USD field.
A market order executes at the current market price and will use any available liquidity on the orderbook to fulfill the order regardless of price.
Example of a Market Order: Buy 0.01 BTC at $40700.0
Once we have selected the "Buy BTC" button, we then see a small, green "Order Filled" notification appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. We then see that our USD balance has been reduced by the equivalent of our trade size, and the BTC balance under the trade ticket has increased proportionally.
4. Select “Buy BTC” to execute the trade.
The limit order example below is buying 0.01 BTC at $40,700.00.
The market order example is buying 0.01 BTC at "Market" price, which is actually also $40,700.00. The equivalent USD total will be displayed under the indicated quantity.
Once you click on "Buy BTC", a notification will appear at the bottom right corner of your screen showing that your order has been filled. If you select the "Trade History" tab in the bottom section of the trading UI, you will see the executed Buy order at $40,700.00 for 0.01 BTC.
Additional Trading Information
Maker Only box (check/uncheck)
Users have the ability to tick the Maker Only box to prevent entry of any orders that would cross the market and execute as a “Taker” order. This can be useful in a few ways including:
  • Trading strategies as a market maker.
  • Trading in fast markets to avoid unintentionally crossing the market with a taker order which was intended to be a maker order.
Order Types: GTC
Good till Cancelled (GTC) orders last until the order is filled or cancelled.
How to Make a P&L (Profit and Loss) Calculation
A P&L calculation tells you whether you have made a profit or loss on an investment.
You can calculate your own P&L using this simple formula:
(Market Price - Entry Price) * Quantity
Example: Let's say you bought 1 BTC with an entry price of $10,000. The market price is now $11,000
($11,000 - $10,000) *1 BTC
BTC P&L = $1,000 * 1 BTC = + $1,000
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