Why Choose CoinFLEX.US
Led by founders with over a decade of experience in running various crypto exchanges, CoinFLEX.US is the only regulated US exchange with no trading fees. The platform is both easy to use and perfect for beginners who may want to enter the world of crypto⁠ without the associated volatility. Just because you’ve sold out of a profitable trade doesn’t mean you need to stop earning on your dollars. With CoinFLEX.US, you can earn, earn, and earn some more.
Why choose flexUSD?
flexUSD is fully backed and attested to by the US Auditing firm Armanino. Users are able draw funds directly from their bank accounts on CoinFLEX.US, mint and redeem flexUSD with no fees, and start earning interest immediately.
How do you benefit?
When holding flexUSD, interest is compounded 3 times a day, every 8 hours. As a stablecoin, users are able to avoid market volatility and still participate in potential market upside. On top of this, yield farmers are able to earn extra yield when using flexUSD in a DeFi context.
How is flexUSD different from other stablecoins?
No other stablecoin pays interest Earn interest 3 times a day directly on-chain.
No staking required Earn interest simply by holding the stablecoin in any crypto wallet (including cold storage), MetaMask, and even DeFi Pools
Direct-from-market yield flexUSD earns interest through’s* borrow/lend market, making the yield sustainable and transparent.
* is not available to US customers or US individuals
Transparent Access real-time information about flexUSD 24/7/365:
Independently verifiable flexUSD is independently verified by US auditing firm Armanino, who publishes attestations of flexUSD’s reserves three times a day.
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